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Now, Off To The Presses!!!

Have you finished off your turkey left overs yet? Can you believe we just celebrated Thanksgiving?! I know every year I say how fast the year has gone by, but this year especially has gone by the quickest of all years past for me.

A couple days ago I worked and worked and worked until I finally had those table names done. And I did it!



Just a comment on this new program, Life On Mars. You should check out the beginning of the UK version on YouTube, which is what I referenced when I painted & drew this table name, it’s so much better than the US one! Which makes me wonder if the UK program is even better than the US one too. Hard to know by just the opening three minutes or so, but if it’s better than the US version it must be incredibly awesome!


The real High School Musical. Grease was one of my most favorite musicals growing up. My brother was in his high school production of the musical and I can’t say how many times I went to watch it. By the final night I knew that musical backwards and forwards. The movie was awesome too. Back then, what teenage girl didn’t like John Travolta?!


It was so nice to be able to take a deep breath, but not so deep because I still have one more project of the year to finish. I’ve been simultaneously working on it along with the wedding table names, but now it has my full attention…along with Christmas shopping and the stress that holiday always seems to bring for me each year.

Every year the local fire department in the city I live has an annual awards banquet for all their staff, fire fighters and EMT’s. I’ve offered to help them with the invitations as I have before, but this time I’m going to be using my new letterpress! Hopefully I didn’t bite off more than I can chew. More on that later on in the week along with what’ll feel like Christmas coming early for me courtesy of Ken, my local UPS guy.


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It’s A Girl – Again!

Some of you already know that I recently became an aunt again.


Jessica Morgan arrived in July. Doesn’t her name sound like she has a future in clothing design? Jessica Morgan. Kind of like Ethan Allen. It’s a good name and just sounds like she’s going to be successful in anything she does.


She is the fourth girl of five beautiful kids from my sister. I haven’t met her yet as they live out of state, but I’m very excited to.


These photos are of the baby announcements I did for my sister.


Her name is handwritten by me in a sort of flourished copperplate letterhand. I’ve practiced and studied this letterhand the most. It’s also the most requested by brides should they wish to add calligraphy to their designs.



I tried something new with the envelopes that I hadn’t tried before. It’s a label cut and wrapped around the envelope. I got the idea from Martha Stewart, of course, here. Actually, I saw it first in one of her Weddings magazines, but I’m not so keen on labels for wedding invites, especially if it’s a formal occasion. Perhaps that’s because I’m partial to calligraphy and I’m kind of an etiquette nut. However, for showers, baby announcements, rehearsal dinners and less formal occasions it looks pretty good. What do you think?

Has anyone seen the McDonald’s commercial where the bride & groom have a wedding cake made from Chicken McNuggets? Too funny! It reminds me of the French croquembouche cake (aka profiterole cake).


I know a little knucklehead somewhere that would one day love to have this for their wedding cake! 😉

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Flooded With Work

I told you I’d have some photos for you this week. Sorry it’s taken me so long to scan some stuff to show. It’s been a busy week. Whenever I have back to back events it can be.


Chips! This used to be my favorite TV show as a kid. I had a crush on Erik Estrada, even had a poster of him on the back of my door with his shirt off. Hubba, hubba!! 😉 Remember that TJ? Too funny! Some time this month he even appeared on the new TV show Life, which I’m really liking.


These table names really are going to be a hit and great conversation pieces. I wasn’t feeling so strong in my abilities to draw the actual Cagney & Lacey. If I had, I would have had them in the background behind the logo. I dunno, maybe I’ll get the courage if I have the time to test it out before mailing this to the soon to be Mrs. O’ first. I’ve sketched them out, but I’m just not so sure yet.


Awwww, Starsky & Hutch. I don’t know why I always want to call him Startsky instead of Starsky, but he was my favorite of the two. And their Ford Torino. Apparently it’s said that the original character who plays Starsky, Paul Michael Glaser, had a strong disliking to the car. It was nicknamed by him as the “Striped Tomato”. He’s known for either not driving it too well, because he’s an actor and not a stunt driver, or he just simply wanted to smash it to bits because of his dislike of the car. I tend to think he was having fun testing its limits and bumped into a few things along they way. 🙂 Did you ever see the movie remake recently? Me neither. So that’s just some of what I’ve done this week.


In other news, my quiet little city of Duvall, WA. had a lot of excitement this week. The dreaded flooding that’s happened almost every year since we’ve lived here! Fortunately, this was not the worst it’s ever been.


No, that was two years ago. This was just the second worst.


There are two bridges that run across the valley, which will take you east toward Redmond, Microsoft headquarters land, and the other to Woodinville. Two years ago both bridges were closed and we were stuck on the other side leaving Kosmo home alone for one night! (Thank you to A & K for taking care of the K-dog.) This flooding luckily only caused the 124th bridge, which you see in the photos, to close.


Kosmo had so much fun! He actually would go up and stand in the water as if he didn’t even realize it was water! Sadly, he’s not a water lover. But there were tons and tons of new smells that distracted him and pulled him in all sorts of directions. It was like he turned into Mad Dog! The children that were there were so great! They asked me if they could pet Kosmo and even though he’s a very laid back dog, they held their hand out the proper way. You can tell their parents taught them well. It was really cute to see three or four little hands petting Kosmo all at once and all the kids smiling around him. He kept wanting to chase after the kids as they were running through the waters edge. He’s such a good dog!


Just above in the sky, everyone could hear this large bird. Not quite sure what it was. Some sort of hawk or “bird of prey”, as they say in England. If you know what type of bird this is, leave a comment to share.


We even got a visit from the local Kiro 7 News! I told you Duvall is quiet, so when the news media come to Duvall you know it’s got to be a big deal. Chris Legeros was there with a camera crew filming and talking to people parked to look at the bridge flooding, just like we were doing. Jerry is my car, btw.

This coming week should be just as busy, but hopefully, when it comes to flooding, it will be a lot more calm.

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I have been so busy with two separate projects lately. It’s sort of consumed my time. As soon as I have photos ready to share with you I will.


However, today I received an e-mail that supports a cause that means so much to me and I just had to share it with you.


Glassybaby is going to have a temporary location at Bellevue Square! For those of us Eastside of Seattle folks, that’s wonderful! That is, if you’re a Glassybaby fan like I am. (hint, hint, nudge, nudge, wink, wink) And how can you not be?


I have this Glassybaby on my mantle right now. During the months of November & December Glassybaby will be located at the old Sway and Cake, on the second level outside of Nordstrom.


Here is the great part! Glassybaby will donate 10% of the sale of each glassybaby sold at Bellevue Square to The Cancer Center at Overlake Hospital!!!!


For those of you that know me well already know that my father passed away in March. Dad died from melanoma cancer and he was treated and admitted often to Overlake Hospital. Those who work at the cancer center are very special and unique individuals. The doctors, the nurses and other specialists are wonderfully compassionate there not only with patients, but also with their families. I know one day when she’s ready Mom would like to return to thank them all.


Glassybaby already has 10% of their sales of particular glassybabies being donated to many worthy causes. They’re a great local company and they’re rental program is awesome for weddings & special events! They also make awesome gifts! (hint, hint, nudge, nudge, wink, wink) Take some time to get to know them through their blog too.


Isn’t this such a pretty color combination for a spring event?


Or how about a fall event?




Or a summer al fresca event. No matter what, they’ve got it all.


They even have the perfect combo for a July 4th wedding or event. Or how about an event like last Tuesday’s historical event.


(image source click here)

They say never to mix politics & business together, but I just have to say that Tuesday night was awesome! It gave me chill bumps, warm fuzzies and made me even cry. What a night!! You know, either way, one thing I new for sure, both candidate would focus on cancer research and the lack of funding they receive. McCain has had melanoma cancer scares himself and Obama knows what it’s like to loose a parent to cancer, watch them suffer in pain and leave this world all too soon. However, the bottom line is that I’m very, very happy and pleased with the results. It was definitely one of those times when you’re really proud to be from America.


Have a good weekend everyone! I promise next week I’ll have photos of my work to share. But for now enjoy this beautiful eye candy. Oh! Aren’t these just a beauty for a Valentine’s Day event?

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Currently Reading On Election Eve

Last night I just began to read my third letterpress printing book.

Letterpress: New Applications for Traditional Skills by David Jury

It has a lot of artwork by various artists and so far a lot of examples using wood type, which were the first forms of type produced for letterpress. Here’s a page I scanned that I loved and thought I would share it with you.

This just makes me smile! 🙂 The wood type is so great!

From what I read, it’s very fragile stuff, wood type. All type seems to be. But with time wood changes. I think some of the little imperfections to the wood due to age, normal wear and a little ill handling brings character when printed. Some people don’t feel the same way, but I personally enjoy both.

As I said, this is the third letterpress printing book I’ve read. I’ve been checking them out at the library and thought I’d read them that way first in order to decide which are best for me to buy and invest in.

I definitely feel I’m on my way to a new hobby, but it all takes time.

On this election eve, I’d like to take the time to tell you, “Don’t forget to vote tomorrow!!!!”

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Welcome To Tiffany & Ink

I’m here to share with you everything that I work on creatively for family, friends, myself and clients. Sometimes I’ll talk about what’s on my mind, but those posts will be far and few between.

To begin, let me share with you what I’ve been working on for a client I call the burgundy bride & groom. Olivia is Richard’s, my husband’s (R), cousin and lives in England. She’ll be married in December to Dion. Olivia is a school teacher and Dion is a detective. Both very cool jobs! They’re involving what they do into their table names with movie titles & TV show titles.

Okay, so far these are just school theme titles, but I’m in the process of painting “Chips” so I assure you there will be cop/detective ones too. I used watercolor paint on nice Arches watercolor paper on the above table names. I think that’s such a creative idea! I really enjoy the creativity and personal touches that some brides & grooms put into the details of their wedding celebrations.

Here are the escort cards.

The couple have an Irish heritage. If you look closely, you can see claddaghs, their initials, lucky horseshoes, shamrocks, celtic trinity knots, images of the Newgrange entrance stone in Ireland and hearts. The calligraphy style I wrote for these is a flourished copperplate style with a pointed calligraphy pen and burgundy gouache.

O & D plan to attach these labels,

from Paper Source, inside the escort card with each table name assignment, then each guest can decide where to sit at their assigned table. That certainly makes things much easier.

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