It’s A Girl – Again!

Some of you already know that I recently became an aunt again.


Jessica Morgan arrived in July. Doesn’t her name sound like she has a future in clothing design? Jessica Morgan. Kind of like Ethan Allen. It’s a good name and just sounds like she’s going to be successful in anything she does.


She is the fourth girl of five beautiful kids from my sister. I haven’t met her yet as they live out of state, but I’m very excited to.


These photos are of the baby announcements I did for my sister.


Her name is handwritten by me in a sort of flourished copperplate letterhand. I’ve practiced and studied this letterhand the most. It’s also the most requested by brides should they wish to add calligraphy to their designs.



I tried something new with the envelopes that I hadn’t tried before. It’s a label cut and wrapped around the envelope. I got the idea from Martha Stewart, of course, here. Actually, I saw it first in one of her Weddings magazines, but I’m not so keen on labels for wedding invites, especially if it’s a formal occasion. Perhaps that’s because I’m partial to calligraphy and I’m kind of an etiquette nut. However, for showers, baby announcements, rehearsal dinners and less formal occasions it looks pretty good. What do you think?

Has anyone seen the McDonald’s commercial where the bride & groom have a wedding cake made from Chicken McNuggets? Too funny! It reminds me of the French croquembouche cake (aka profiterole cake).


I know a little knucklehead somewhere that would one day love to have this for their wedding cake! 😉


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