Now, Off To The Presses!!!

Have you finished off your turkey left overs yet? Can you believe we just celebrated Thanksgiving?! I know every year I say how fast the year has gone by, but this year especially has gone by the quickest of all years past for me.

A couple days ago I worked and worked and worked until I finally had those table names done. And I did it!



Just a comment on this new program, Life On Mars. You should check out the beginning of the UK version on YouTube, which is what I referenced when I painted & drew this table name, it’s so much better than the US one! Which makes me wonder if the UK program is even better than the US one too. Hard to know by just the opening three minutes or so, but if it’s better than the US version it must be incredibly awesome!


The real High School Musical. Grease was one of my most favorite musicals growing up. My brother was in his high school production of the musical and I can’t say how many times I went to watch it. By the final night I knew that musical backwards and forwards. The movie was awesome too. Back then, what teenage girl didn’t like John Travolta?!


It was so nice to be able to take a deep breath, but not so deep because I still have one more project of the year to finish. I’ve been simultaneously working on it along with the wedding table names, but now it has my full attention…along with Christmas shopping and the stress that holiday always seems to bring for me each year.

Every year the local fire department in the city I live has an annual awards banquet for all their staff, fire fighters and EMT’s. I’ve offered to help them with the invitations as I have before, but this time I’m going to be using my new letterpress! Hopefully I didn’t bite off more than I can chew. More on that later on in the week along with what’ll feel like Christmas coming early for me courtesy of Ken, my local UPS guy.


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  1. These are amazing! And to think you did them all yourself. Letterpress is just amazing!!

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