Written With Love & Filled With Snow

I’ve been under snow for what feels like a month! But it was nice to have a white Christmas, a rare event in the Pacific Northwest.


The snow got so deep that Mom worried we wouldn’t be able to reach her to pick her up and bring her back to my home in order to spend Christmas Day with us. So a couple days before Christmas we went to pick her up and sooth her nerves. She brought along her snow shovel and the plowing began!


Talk about a big dig! But first thing’s first, I promised to show some of my envelopes from my Christmas cards.


Sorry for having to blur so much, but I want to keep others privacy.


Silver & gold, that was the color scheme for this years card.


I letterpress printed the card and I’ll show you those once they’re all sent.


But I can show you the Christmas 2007 card.


I had extra 2007 cards so I sent some to some new folks on my list this year.


My 2007 Christmas card was all handmade and designed by me.


Water color painted in gouache paints. With a little sparkle added here & there with Stickles.


Calligraphy was written in a flourished blackletter letterhand. This is another favorite letterhand of mine. It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve used it, however.

I have a couple things to finish up before the year comes to a close.


One thing is to thaw out from this constant snow fall, but first I need to finish sending out my Christmas cards.


In case I don’t post before the new year, everyone have a safe and happy new year! Oh! And before I forget, I resolved the trouble with seeing these photos larger! Now you can once again click on the photos to see a larger image! Yay!!!


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One response to “Written With Love & Filled With Snow

  1. What a pretty holiday card! Thanks so much for sharing. So elegant!

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