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Magazine Goodbye’s & Space

Yes, yes…I’ve been away. I know, I know. There are many plans in the works and a lot of ideas in my head. Now I just need to organize them and make the time for them to begin spilling out. But that will happen all in due time.

I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m super talented in interior design. I did take an interior design course at university and that also touched a little on exterior design, but for the most part I get ideas and inspiration from magazines and catalogs…and for everything from interior design, gardening, cooking, typography, color inspiration for my work and for well…living. And if you know me, you know I love magazines! Where do you get your ideas from?

I just learned Domino magazine is ending. From how it sounds, they won’t even be maintaining their web site. I’m not sure when this all becomes effective, but it actually sort of…well…sucks.

Initially, when the magazine first came out, it was much too modern for my taste. But as time went by it grew on me. Either that or their styles became less extreme modern and more affordable style. Now, when I sign up for a 2-year subscription, they become subjected by a failing economy.


I remember years ago when my brother-in-law, K, was a bachelor he painted his living room black. He was really on to something. But then he did the bachelor thing and painted images and logos from his favorite computer games albums. Very funny and very bachelor, don’t you think? But now he’s married with two beautiful little girls and a beautiful wife that’s helped him out in the decorating department. Thank you O. But then I saw this cover above and read the story and decided that there are some that can pull off black walls. It’s not depressing looking and it doesn’t look like a bachelor pad either. I quite like it. It’s stories and very outside the box design like this that I will miss.

Not too long ago I received the sad news that Cottage Living would no longer produce its magazine.


It looks as if their web site is still being maintained, so that’s good, but it was still a little sad to know my subscription would be changing to Coastal Living,

jan-feb-08-coverwhich I’m sure is a fine magazine.

One story from Cottage Living I’ll never forget was just after hurricane Katrina. They did a feature on these small permanent cottages which were built at the same cost of the horrible FEMA trailers. They were built at the back of a residents property. Once their own home, which were all cottage style, was rebuilt they could keep the small cottage as well. Genius plan! You can read a shortened version of the article here.

Another story was about a builder, Ross Chapin, taking us back to the way we used to live, where everyone knew their neighbors and lived close and helped each other out.


I love the idea and wish my cul-de-sac was a bit more like this. So long as all the neighbors get along and are friendly people then it works.


I think it takes a certain laid back personality too. Millions of people live in close quarters in big cities. On top of that, they do so with very minimal square footage.


Did you happen to catch this fantastic makeover on Oprah?

So why do we need so much space? Why can’t we live simply? Ask yourself this, is your home larger than the home you grew up in? If so, why is this? Why do some people believe bigger and more is better? Is it all about the investment? Because right now the investment in real estate isn’t worth much. And in this time, in this economy, in our current environment should we all be trying to downsize? Afterall, sometimes the biggest joy can be found in some of the smallest things. What do you think?


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Ladies & Gentlemen, The Bride & Groom


…or is that Mr. President & Madam First Lady? Didn’t Michelle Obama look like a bride in that beautiful dress?


Beautiful white chiffon, it even had a train!


The designer? Jason Wu. He’s only 26-years-old!!! People are calling him the next Oscar de la Renta or Carolina Herrera.


Did you hear that the designers of both of her outfits yesterday had no idea she was wearing their designs until they saw her on TV? What a surprise & an honor it must be for them!


The age of digital. Look at all the camera’s in this shot above. Who wouldn’t want to take a photo of the bride…I mean the new First Lady…in that gown?! Gorgeous!


Here are some of his fashions released for his Spring of 2007 line found on


It is said that Jason Wu focuses his designs on the hourglass figure of the female body.


I think he’s definitely mastered that.


I’m not usually one to remember who wears what, but the fact that this man is 26-years-old and has a lifetime career ahead of him amazes me! So many people don’t really know what they want to do for a living at that age, myself included when I was his age, but he obviously is doing what he loves. At least it seems that it comes through in his designs. I think we’ll be hearing his name a whole lot more in the years to come.


You can also feel President Obama is doing what he loves. All day yesterday and last evening felt like the celebration of a new beginning, which it was, but it’s so similar to the feelings surrounding weddings too.

I heard the inaugural invitations had been engraved on Classic Crest paper from one of my vendors, Neenah Paper. Neena Paper seems very focused on the environment. They include an eco calculator where you can select your paper type and quantity and see results of how much environmental impact it has, i.e. how many trees were used to make the paper, how much water was used, etc. Give it a try!

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Can You Feel It?!!


Change gonna come…

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Joy & Thanks

Would you care to see my 2008 Christmas card?


The card’s theme this year was silver & gold.


Do you remember I shared the gold envelopes in a previous post?


Letterpress printed on Clark, my new letterpress, in silver ink. Printed on Crane’s 110 lb. paper. They say it gives a good “bite”. The ‘O’ was also decorated with some Stickles.


I used antique wooden letterpress blocks, found at the Fremont Market, Fremont is a part of Seattle. I love that market. It’s open year round, rain or shine. I only wish it were closer to me.

The next printing on the press should be my new business cards. I’ve been working hard on a new logo the past little while when I have the time and it’s slowly coming together.

On a different topic, congratulations on a job well done to the pilot, Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, of US Airways flight 1549, the crew, the passengers and the rescue crews. It gives me chill bumps hearing that everyone survived. Now there’s a pilot & crew I’d be thankful to fly with.

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Did Everyone Get The Memo?

Do you watch the Golden Globes and other fancy award shows for the dresses? Me too! Sunday night I was wondering if everyone got the memo to wear something white, off-white, cream color or antique white. Anyway, it looked like wedding dresses everywhere on the red carpet. Swap out the clutch for a bouquet and you’ve got yourself a bride.


Of the wedding white dresses, I think Elizabeth Banks‘ dress (top left) was my favorite. All you soon to be brides, or just people who want to chime in, which one is your favorite?



As far as bling goes, I was absolutely swooned by Eva Mendez‘s turquoise & gold necklace (just above, top right). So beautiful against her skin tone! She looked fabulous, Darling! Not sure about the swag of fabric in front of the dress, but she made it look good and the necklace for sure was beautiful!


I had two favorite dresses from Sunday night’s Golden Globes, which were not white, worn by Jenna Fischer (left) & Rumer Willis (right). They both were just so beautiful! Don’t you just love the purple color of Willis’ dress? All night, as she would stand next to the presenters waiting for speeches to finish, I kept thinking how I loved that color. And the colors in Fischer’s dress are so nice together too. It looks like a good color combo for invitations. Or how about brides maid dresses?

You can find a lot of color inspiration watching red carpet events — not just in fashion. But when it comes to red carpet fashion, it definitely looks like white & cream were the hot colors Sunday night. Can’t wait to see what the Oscars bring!

{all images from}

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White House Farming – Again?

Again, this blog isn’t meant for politics, but I was really interested in this and being that it’s really not political I thought this was important enough to share with everyone. I think it would be really cool to see a farm on the White House lawn. I could totally see the Obama children getting into it too. I nominate my BIL, J, as head gardener! If only I could have zucchinis coming out of my ears one summer then I’d be happy. Perhaps I should move my vegetable boxes. Something to think about anyway. If you want to read more about the topic of this video click here.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Paying The Price

I just have to say how nice it was again to have a white Christmas for once.


I received wonderful Christmas greetings from friends & family.


We relaxed and took our holiday naps. (How is this comfortable for Kosmo? I do not know.) Helped our neighbors shovel themselves out of their driveways. And then it warmed up a little and we began to thaw.


But not before one more snow fall. We got about 4″ to 5″. This is my attempt to focus on some snow flakes. Then it warmed up some more. Now the price for a white Christmas is being paid — and then some! The rains came. Mostly in the mountains, but they came. They called it “a river in the sky”. Here we go again!


It rained.


And it rained.


And the floods came.


And it flooded the 124th bridge, which was expected.


And it flooded McCormick Park.


And it flooded & stranded some people who needed medical attention.


No worries, they were rescued by boat from our wonderful Duvall Fire Department and then passed on to Woodinville Fire Aid Units across the river to be transported. Luckily, I hear there have been no serious injuries or deaths.


And as the river rose, we all watched.


Even the creatures stood and watched. The creatures may not have been stirring around Christmas, but they sure were today. I spotted this along the trail by the river. What kind of creature do you suppose this is? It’s not a rat, at least I don’t think it is. A Muscrat? Poor little guy! He was supposed to meet Charlie across the valley for lunch today, but I think he’s gonna stay close to home today. 🙂


Even the tallest bridge around here to cross the Snoqualmie River & valley, the Woodinville-Duvall Bridge, is closed and flooded. I do believe this is a record. I heard somewhere that the Snoqualmie River in Carnation was recorded as high as 62 feet today. Here is a good site that will show a gage of the river in Duvall comparing last Novembers flood to the current flood. It’s hard to believe that last winter & spring we had no flooding at all!


The river at Carnation crested around 11AM today, which means the river here in Duvall will crest tonight, so it’s still rising.



Among all this chaos, I still was able to take in the beauty around me. Oh! Happy Birthday TJ!!!

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