Envelope Exchange

Near the end of 2008 I had the opportunity to participate in an envelope exchange with some fellow calligraphers across the world from CyberScribes. Each month I’m to design an envelope and send it to an assigned person in my group. My group had an extra month and, well, I was late with my December 2008 envelope, but it’s done now. I spent a couple hours thinking and sketching and pondering and then settled down to my first envelope design. I’m not supposed to show the envelopes I receive, but I’m for sure showing the ones I send.


Not too long ago there used to be a wonderful paper vendor (who shall remain nameless) not far from me, but they moved to a far away city that I call “the hood”. Why on earth they moved there I’ll never know, but I scored some great deals on many items they didn’t want to take with them. One are these envelopes made from watercolor artist paper. They came as a set of 5 and already folded for $1.


On the back of my envelope it requires sealing so I melted some wax and pressed in a seal I purchased on eBay not too long ago. It’s of a peacock, can you tell?

If you have even the slightest interest in seals & sealing wax I highly recommend Atelier Gargoyle. They carry the best sealing wax I’ve ever seen and used. I swear this stuff has a 95% survival rate when going through the postal service machines and handling. Added bonus, they smell wonderful! I swear some have clove or cinnamon in them. The melted wax smell is quite nice afterward too.


They make beautiful seals. I took a class from the owners, a very nice and wonderful couple, at Letters of Joy recently about using seals & sealing wax. They find antique seals and have them remade by someone they know in England.


This one is my favorite. Although kinda pricey, one day you will be mine, oh yes, you will be mine. Do you recognize the calligraphy style? Blackletter!


Just like the letterhand used on my Christmas 2007 card. Ward Dunham, one of the owners of Atelier Gargoyle is one of the best blackletter letterhand calligraphers I’ve seen so far, next to my instructor. He’s very talented and if you ever get to meet him you’ll love all of his stories, a very interesting man.


This is a fun one too. I love it!


Anyway, you’ll be seeing another envelope later this month for the exchange and each month after until the end of 2009. Let me know what you think of this one in the comments.

Oh! And for those of you still awaiting my annual Christmas card, they’re coming…I promise!!


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