Paying The Price

I just have to say how nice it was again to have a white Christmas for once.


I received wonderful Christmas greetings from friends & family.


We relaxed and took our holiday naps. (How is this comfortable for Kosmo? I do not know.) Helped our neighbors shovel themselves out of their driveways. And then it warmed up a little and we began to thaw.


But not before one more snow fall. We got about 4″ to 5″. This is my attempt to focus on some snow flakes. Then it warmed up some more. Now the price for a white Christmas is being paid — and then some! The rains came. Mostly in the mountains, but they came. They called it “a river in the sky”. Here we go again!


It rained.


And it rained.


And the floods came.


And it flooded the 124th bridge, which was expected.


And it flooded McCormick Park.


And it flooded & stranded some people who needed medical attention.


No worries, they were rescued by boat from our wonderful Duvall Fire Department and then passed on to Woodinville Fire Aid Units across the river to be transported. Luckily, I hear there have been no serious injuries or deaths.


And as the river rose, we all watched.


Even the creatures stood and watched. The creatures may not have been stirring around Christmas, but they sure were today. I spotted this along the trail by the river. What kind of creature do you suppose this is? It’s not a rat, at least I don’t think it is. A Muscrat? Poor little guy! He was supposed to meet Charlie across the valley for lunch today, but I think he’s gonna stay close to home today. šŸ™‚


Even the tallest bridge around here to cross the Snoqualmie River & valley, the Woodinville-Duvall Bridge, is closed and flooded. I do believe this is a record. I heard somewhere that the Snoqualmie River in Carnation was recorded as high as 62 feet today. Here is a good site that will show a gage of the river in Duvall comparing last Novembers flood to the current flood. It’s hard to believe that last winter & spring we had no flooding at all!


The river at Carnation crested around 11AM today, which means the river here in Duvall will crest tonight, so it’s still rising.



Among all this chaos, I still was able to take in the beauty around me. Oh! Happy Birthday TJ!!!


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One response to “Paying The Price

  1. Shelly

    I was wondering when we’d get your latest set of flood pics. Hope you have plenty of supplies to last you through this set of stranding.

    Loved the wooden wreath to hold your Xmas cards! Did you make that yourself? If so, any chance you have directions lying around to post to the calligraphy group?

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