Did Everyone Get The Memo?

Do you watch the Golden Globes and other fancy award shows for the dresses? Me too! Sunday night I was wondering if everyone got the memo to wear something white, off-white, cream color or antique white. Anyway, it looked like wedding dresses everywhere on the red carpet. Swap out the clutch for a bouquet and you’ve got yourself a bride.


Of the wedding white dresses, I think Elizabeth Banks‘ dress (top left) was my favorite. All you soon to be brides, or just people who want to chime in, which one is your favorite?



As far as bling goes, I was absolutely swooned by Eva Mendez‘s turquoise & gold necklace (just above, top right). So beautiful against her skin tone! She looked fabulous, Darling! Not sure about the swag of fabric in front of the dress, but she made it look good and the necklace for sure was beautiful!


I had two favorite dresses from Sunday night’s Golden Globes, which were not white, worn by Jenna Fischer (left) & Rumer Willis (right). They both were just so beautiful! Don’t you just love the purple color of Willis’ dress? All night, as she would stand next to the presenters waiting for speeches to finish, I kept thinking how I loved that color. And the colors in Fischer’s dress are so nice together too. It looks like a good color combo for invitations. Or how about brides maid dresses?

You can find a lot of color inspiration watching red carpet events — not just in fashion. But when it comes to red carpet fashion, it definitely looks like white & cream were the hot colors Sunday night. Can’t wait to see what the Oscars bring!

{all images from imdb.com}


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