Joy & Thanks

Would you care to see my 2008 Christmas card?


The card’s theme this year was silver & gold.


Do you remember I shared the gold envelopes in a previous post?


Letterpress printed on Clark, my new letterpress, in silver ink. Printed on Crane’s 110 lb. paper. They say it gives a good “bite”. The ‘O’ was also decorated with some Stickles.


I used antique wooden letterpress blocks, found at the Fremont Market, Fremont is a part of Seattle. I love that market. It’s open year round, rain or shine. I only wish it were closer to me.

The next printing on the press should be my new business cards. I’ve been working hard on a new logo the past little while when I have the time and it’s slowly coming together.

On a different topic, congratulations on a job well done to the pilot, Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, of US Airways flight 1549, the crew, the passengers and the rescue crews. It gives me chill bumps hearing that everyone survived. Now there’s a pilot & crew I’d be thankful to fly with.


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