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My New Suede Shoes

I know this has nothing to do at all with my work, but I’ve been waiting for these beauties to arrive for two months and they finally came this week! Unfortunately, they’re not too Springy, but they’ll do and they’ll be great in the fall! If you have navy blue in your wedding colors these would be some cute shoes for your bridesmaids.



Only thing is, I did something funky to my left foot this week and haven’t had a chance to break them in yet. Bugger!

Oh! And I know this is a few days late, but Happy Birthday to my big bro, M1!!!


Here’s one of most interesting agave plants I saw at the NW Flower & Garden Show, agave geminifolia. From what I’ve read it comes from Mexico; can grow up to 3 feet; needs full to partial sun and also needs to be kept a little dry. Might be good for my rock garden. My only concern is that the minimum temperature it can handle is the low 20’s and after this winter we’ve had in the Seattle area, I’m not sure it would survive. Maybe with some mulch and TLC.


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Princess Gown & Garden Dreams


{image by Just Jared}

My favorite gown of the Oscars last night. Such exquisite detail! The dress is over 50 years old! Did you hear the story that she saw the dress eight years ago and recently went back looking for it and it was still there! She looks like a bride or Cinderella even.


{image by Just Jared}

With all the white gowns we saw at the Golden Globes, I for sure thought we’d see a lot of white at the Oscar’s too, but no.


{Image via IMDB}

There actually was a lot of color! Some inspiring to me when it comes to invitation colors too. These were my favorites.


{image by Just Jared}

For the most part I just loved sitting back and looking at the fashion and enjoying the acceptance speeches. Oh! And if you haven’t seen Slumdog Millionaire get your coat and go tonight! Yes, it’s just that awesome, inspiring and creative of a film. Trust me, you won’t regret it.


{Image via IMDB}

Often times the men are forgotten at events like these when it comes to fashion. Grooms sometimes are too. But I loved what these two men wore! Just because the invitation is a formal event doesn’t mean you have to resort to typical tux attire. I wouldn’t even mind this for a groom’s outfit!

What’s important is that you’re comfortable and you’re not dressing and looking like someone that you’re not. Especially if it’s your wedding day. Don’t make your groom look like someone he’s not. You don’t want to look down the aisle and wonder who that is you’re marrying.


{image by Just Jared}

Now I know Mr. Rourke will probably make some worst dressed lists out there today, but honestly, doesn’t this match just who he is? Or at least what we’ve heard about him? It’s very fashionable too, not that I’m some in vogue fashionista. The clean, black cowboy boots, the slimmer cut in the leg, the three button jacket, it all fits together so nicely. Honestly, it’s difficult to picture him in a black tux, white shirt and black bow tie and what he’s wearing works in my book.

I won’t go into the worst dressed because, like I said, I’m not a fashionista even remotely close to being qualified to judge what’s in and what’s out. But I do know when something does not fit.


{Image via IMDB}

She REALLY needs a bigger cup size for those girls.


{Image via Moviefone}

Is it just me or did he run his tux through the dryer before leaving the house?


As promised, here is a photo from the NW Flower & Garden Show. One trend that ran through the show were living walls, one pictured above, and living roof tops.


I first saw this done at the Street of Dreams in 2007. I walked up close to it and was so inspired! I want to learn to make one! Unfortunately, people belonging to a well known eco-terrorists group set fire to the Street of Dreams neighborhood some time after. Ironic when the theme that year was “Green Living” and the smoke damage probably did more harm than good.


I haven’t done a wall yet, but just after the 2007 Street of Dreams I did complete a succulent wreath project, which is hanging on my fence.

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Inside a Card & Inside a Legend’s Decision


Here is the inside of the card I made for my niece, A. It’s such a cute little poem, thanks R. I hope A loves it as much as I did making it for her. I chose these colors because lately I see more and more wedding photos with really bold colors like this and it’s kind of inspiring to me.

While I’m putting this together for you I’m sitting here enjoying the live coverage of the news conference with Ken Griffey, Jr. this afternoon. One of the things he said in the conference was that so many people were telling him that he should do this or go there because he’d make so much more money or there would be so many perks. But then he said “It’s not about the money.” If only more players in every professional sport thought and played like that. I learned that all through his career he’s leaned on two really great baseball players when he really needed it, Willie Mays & Hank Aaron. Those are two great and legendary players in my book too. I love that it was a family decision and what took him so long circled around his kids, their sports schedules and the feeling of being so far away from them. I also love that it was the words of his 13-year-old daughter, “‘Dad, I really think you should go back to the Mariners and not have any regrets about how you finished”, which helped him feel okay and make his final decision.


{Picture of my niece, A, when she was little, & Dad at M & M’s wedding in Bellevue. You can also see my late cousin K just on the left.}

It made me think of my dad coming to my soccer games growing up. He almost always worked Saturdays, but sometimes he got off in time to catch all or even just part of one of my games because Mom was usually at T’s soccer game. My head would be in the game and then I’d hear the ref whistle and wonder what the call was for because nothing happened and then I knew…Dad was there somewhere on the sidelines whistling to tell me he was there. Dad could whistle just like a real whistle and, from what I understand from his sisters, stopped many basketball games when he was in high school. That’s my dad! Such a joker and a tease.

Stay tuned for next week when I share a little bit each day of the very final NW Flower & Garden Show. Everyone have a wonderful weekend! And to my cousin T, Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday to You and You and You!!!

It was my nieces, A’s, birthday on the 16th. She’s 13-years old! I can’t believe it! She’s a teenager! An official teenager!!! Oy Vey!!! Time is just flying by. I doubt she reads this blog, but just in case, Happy 13th Birthday A!!!

I wanted to make a card for her, but different from all others I’ve ever made. Unfortunately, it took longer than expected. Since I knew it was going to be late R came up with a creative little poem after I finished the drawing and watercolor. The artwork only on the cover was inspired by something I saw somewhere and I’m so sorry, but I can not remember who or where I saw it, it was somewhere online. So, if this looks like something similar to what you’ve done before, just let me know and if it’s you, I’d be happy to give you credit.


R’s little poem was handwritten by me and if I recall correctly, they call the letterhand monoline italic. It’s a great letterhand to learn for beginners or for those who want to improve their own penmanship as it’s able to be written much faster than most other letterhands. FYI, it does not look at all like the monoline italic computer font.

A’s birthday has made me reflect back to when I turned 13-years-old. I was just about to enter the 8th grade. I think my family went to the temple that year. Or was it the year prior? Hmmmm.

seattle_lds_mormon_templerick-satterfield11(photo taken by Rick Satterfield)

Anyway, my older siblings, T & M, were adopted when they were babies, but that year we were all finally sealed to each other in the Seattle LDS Temple. I know all of that can be a bit confusing and sort of a mystery so if you have questions about it let me know and I’d be happy to tell you all about it the best I can.

Anyway, my latest crush the entire past school year was on Kurt H., a guy who didn’t even know I existed even though every time I saw him I’m sure my face turned beet red. T had really busted up her ankle playing soccer the school year prior. I’m talkin’ surgery with screws, bolts, plates, she had a bionic foot before and after! She was so good at soccer she was playing for the high school even though she was in junior high! Anyway, I met her at her locker to help her carry her books and one time Kurt H., his locker was nearby, spoke to me and I’m sure I babbled some nonsensical alien language back to him. So it was a good thing that I was about to enter the 8th grade and he had just left my junior high, along with T, moving on to high school. But rest assured by the 9th grade I was in high school and back to red faces and alien languages when seeing him again.

If I remember right, I think I had a short bob haircut when I was 13. One side was a little longer than the other. See here, here & here. What can I say? It was the early 80’s! It’s scary that the style is back again!

I soooo got off track there, but stay tuned for tomorrow when you’ll be able to see the inside of A’s birthday card, the rest of the poem and the original watercolor.

Oh! And Happy Birthday to J & R too! And welcome home Junior! Can’t wait to say again, “Hit It Here Junior!”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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New Banner / New Logo

You might notice a recent change to the blog this morning. Whenever I’ve had the chance lately I’ve been working on designing a new logo with a whole new look. I’m finally able to share it with you. Notice the new banner above?


Here is a look at part of the business card I’m going to be letterpress printing. I’ll share it with you when it’s printed, but it will be a little while.

I would love to know what you think. If you have any comments or suggestions, please, please, please leave me a comment by clicking on “comments” below. No worries, your comment will not be posted to the site if you tell me not to.

Thanks in advance for your feedback! I really do appreciate it.

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Love, Love, Love

In honor of the weekend holiday, no not President’s Day guys, Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d leave you with a couple clips I’ve seen around here and here.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I can remember doing things just like this little girl in order to get a certain boy to be impressed. I’m pretty sure he didn’t have the mullet though.

Enjoy and have a wonderfully long weekend!

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New Letterhand With Controversy

Whenever I can, I love to address envelopes and packages while playing around with a new font. Here is a recent one I’m playing with.

casualpointedpenThe color is a sort of Kelly Green but the scanner sure does make it look darker than the ink actually is. The ink used is gouache paint mixed up to the right consistency to use with the pointed pen. I really need to begin writing out some fictitious names and addresses because blurring out what I’ve written doesn’t look so great when sharing with others.


I’m not quite sure what to call the font. What do you think? It’s a very casual style. It’s inspired by a style I saw in Lisa Engelbrecht’s (pictured above) book, “Modern Mark Making: From Classic Calligraphy to Hip-Handlettering” (pictured below).


It’s a great book for outside the box lettering. It’s really not so much “classic”, but using “classic” to come up with “modern mark making” and “hip hand-lettering”.

I could see a lot of scrapbookers who print & journal in their scrapbooks enjoying her style. She’s even started designing for tattoos!!! I’m so pleased to see this! I’ve always thought really, really awesome tattoo artisits have a great talent and niche when it comes to calligraphy. Including graffiti art, which she also highlights in the book.


{image from San Diego Fellow Calligraphers}

Lisa’s also covered a lot on brush lettering in her book, which I studied recently under the direction of the freelance lettering artists, Carl Rohrs (Surprisingly, I can’t find a web site for him anywhere!), and will share about the class in a later post. Brush lettering definitely looks easier at first than it actually is, but with practice it begins to come together.

I know what I’m about to share has nothing to do with calligraphy, invitations and announcements, but if you know me you know I love sports. I’m surprised I’m saying this, but I’m actually proud of Alex Rodriguez, aka A-Rod, A-Roid and my personal favorite A-Roddona, for admitting his steroid use from 2001 – 2003. He actually admitted to being “young and stupid” back then. Sounds very similar to what Michael Phelps said about himself recently.

However, (you didn’t think I was going to leave it at that, did you?) Alex brought the pressure on himself by accepting the outrageous salary to leave the M’s for $252 million back then to play with the Texas Rangers. When I go to Mariner games where we’re playing the current team A-Rod is on, it still pleases me when members of the crowd continue each year to throw out fake money when he comes up to bat. I think it will always please me when this happens.



Fans in other cities taunt him with Madonna photo’s and masks. With him admitting his steroid use, it makes me wonder what the baseball fans are going to taunt him with next. Let’s hope they’re not throwing out syringes! One thing for sure, it won’t go unnoticed.


I remember, before Alex began playing for the M’s, before the name A-Rod ever came to be, he played AAA ball for the Tacoma Rainiers. Sitting with my brother, watching a game one summer evening in Tacoma, M said to keep an eye on the short-stop, he was going places. He quickly did. Very quickly his innocence and love of the game changed as well. Despite being surrounded by loyal and great players like Edgar Martinez and Jay Buhner, while you could tell he appreciated playing with and learning from them, if you watched him closely you could tell his talent was being recognized and his attitude and aura about him was changing — and not always in a good way.

The history of sports has changed so much! Don’t you agree? Gone is the feel good era of Michael Jordan, Steve Largent, Pele, Mohammad Ali, Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, I could go on. Sadly, when it comes to controversy in sports, I could go on with a list of names almost as long and the majority of them would be current and recent athletes. Just take a look at this great commercial that we very likely and sadly will never see again due to recent events…

Featuring Kobe Bryant, Alex Rodriguez, Tony Hawk and Michael Phelps

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I haven’t seen any damaging controversy surrounding Tony Hawk and I’m so happy about that. Thank goodness there are still good guys & girls out there who truly love their sport for all the right reasons. Let’s hope that the great and awesome athletes can out number the not so great.

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