Inside a Card & Inside a Legend’s Decision


Here is the inside of the card I made for my niece, A. It’s such a cute little poem, thanks R. I hope A loves it as much as I did making it for her. I chose these colors because lately I see more and more wedding photos with really bold colors like this and it’s kind of inspiring to me.

While I’m putting this together for you I’m sitting here enjoying the live coverage of the news conference with Ken Griffey, Jr. this afternoon. One of the things he said in the conference was that so many people were telling him that he should do this or go there because he’d make so much more money or there would be so many perks. But then he said “It’s not about the money.” If only more players in every professional sport thought and played like that. I learned that all through his career he’s leaned on two really great baseball players when he really needed it, Willie Mays & Hank Aaron. Those are two great and legendary players in my book too. I love that it was a family decision and what took him so long circled around his kids, their sports schedules and the feeling of being so far away from them. I also love that it was the words of his 13-year-old daughter, “‘Dad, I really think you should go back to the Mariners and not have any regrets about how you finished”, which helped him feel okay and make his final decision.


{Picture of my niece, A, when she was little, & Dad at M & M’s wedding in Bellevue. You can also see my late cousin K just on the left.}

It made me think of my dad coming to my soccer games growing up. He almost always worked Saturdays, but sometimes he got off in time to catch all or even just part of one of my games because Mom was usually at T’s soccer game. My head would be in the game and then I’d hear the ref whistle and wonder what the call was for because nothing happened and then I knew…Dad was there somewhere on the sidelines whistling to tell me he was there. Dad could whistle just like a real whistle and, from what I understand from his sisters, stopped many basketball games when he was in high school. That’s my dad! Such a joker and a tease.

Stay tuned for next week when I share a little bit each day of the very final NW Flower & Garden Show. Everyone have a wonderful weekend! And to my cousin T, Happy Birthday!


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