Princess Gown & Garden Dreams


{image by Just Jared}

My favorite gown of the Oscars last night. Such exquisite detail! The dress is over 50 years old! Did you hear the story that she saw the dress eight years ago and recently went back looking for it and it was still there! She looks like a bride or Cinderella even.


{image by Just Jared}

With all the white gowns we saw at the Golden Globes, I for sure thought we’d see a lot of white at the Oscar’s too, but no.


{Image via IMDB}

There actually was a lot of color! Some inspiring to me when it comes to invitation colors too. These were my favorites.


{image by Just Jared}

For the most part I just loved sitting back and looking at the fashion and enjoying the acceptance speeches. Oh! And if you haven’t seen Slumdog Millionaire get your coat and go tonight! Yes, it’s just that awesome, inspiring and creative of a film. Trust me, you won’t regret it.


{Image via IMDB}

Often times the men are forgotten at events like these when it comes to fashion. Grooms sometimes are too. But I loved what these two men wore! Just because the invitation is a formal event doesn’t mean you have to resort to typical tux attire. I wouldn’t even mind this for a groom’s outfit!

What’s important is that you’re comfortable and you’re not dressing and looking like someone that you’re not. Especially if it’s your wedding day. Don’t make your groom look like someone he’s not. You don’t want to look down the aisle and wonder who that is you’re marrying.


{image by Just Jared}

Now I know Mr. Rourke will probably make some worst dressed lists out there today, but honestly, doesn’t this match just who he is? Or at least what we’ve heard about him? It’s very fashionable too, not that I’m some in vogue fashionista. The clean, black cowboy boots, the slimmer cut in the leg, the three button jacket, it all fits together so nicely. Honestly, it’s difficult to picture him in a black tux, white shirt and black bow tie and what he’s wearing works in my book.

I won’t go into the worst dressed because, like I said, I’m not a fashionista even remotely close to being qualified to judge what’s in and what’s out. But I do know when something does not fit.


{Image via IMDB}

She REALLY needs a bigger cup size for those girls.


{Image via Moviefone}

Is it just me or did he run his tux through the dryer before leaving the house?


As promised, here is a photo from the NW Flower & Garden Show. One trend that ran through the show were living walls, one pictured above, and living roof tops.


I first saw this done at the Street of Dreams in 2007. I walked up close to it and was so inspired! I want to learn to make one! Unfortunately, people belonging to a well known eco-terrorists group set fire to the Street of Dreams neighborhood some time after. Ironic when the theme that year was “Green Living” and the smoke damage probably did more harm than good.


I haven’t done a wall yet, but just after the 2007 Street of Dreams I did complete a succulent wreath project, which is hanging on my fence.


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