My New Suede Shoes

I know this has nothing to do at all with my work, but I’ve been waiting for these beauties to arrive for two months and they finally came this week! Unfortunately, they’re not too Springy, but they’ll do and they’ll be great in the fall! If you have navy blue in your wedding colors these would be some cute shoes for your bridesmaids.



Only thing is, I did something funky to my left foot this week and haven’t had a chance to break them in yet. Bugger!

Oh! And I know this is a few days late, but Happy Birthday to my big bro, M1!!!


Here’s one of most interesting agave plants I saw at the NW Flower & Garden Show, agave geminifolia. From what I’ve read it comes from Mexico; can grow up to 3 feet; needs full to partial sun and also needs to be kept a little dry. Might be good for my rock garden. My only concern is that the minimum temperature it can handle is the low 20’s and after this winter we’ve had in the Seattle area, I’m not sure it would survive. Maybe with some mulch and TLC.


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