February Envelope

Where to begin?! Life has been busy for me lately, as usual, but I’ve also been struggling with some other matters. Nothing I can’t handle though. I’m planning on it settling to a new normal soon and it’s good to be back.

I’ve got a lot of projects to share with you. New monthly envelope exchanges, envelope addressing, new wedding invitations, new baby announcements…just a lot of work. On top of that I’d like to focus any extra time I have to various calligraphy projects that are piling higher and higher in addition to various projects to do around the house and working in my garden.

But first thing’s first. Here is my February envelope to share.


On the right, in the center, you’ll see a splotch of red wax from the wax seal on the other side. I guess I forgot to scan the seal side this time.

Recently I celebrated my nieces, M5, 3rd birthday with her family and I used this same watercolor giraffes for her birthday card, of course the address information was deleted. She was so cute! She really slows down and takes her time to inspect and enjoy her gifts, even the cards, before she moves on to open another. My brother asked her what it was on the card and she knew they were giraffes. Then he asked what they were doing and she said they were kissing. It was adorable. She’s such a cute little girl.

Thank you all to my loyal readers and thanks a million for your patience this last month or so.


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