Address The Environment

I finished my envelope today for The Graceful Envelope! A good thing too because it needed to be post marked today. So around 2:30pm I showed up at my local post office and had them hand cancel the stamp. The postal worker said it will still go through a machine, even if she hand cancels it, which she did. I hope it arrives in D.C. with no extra marks on it. I’ve been waiting for this special stuff to protect your envelopes. It makes the area waterproof and smudge resistant, but it’s on backorder right now from Paper & Ink Arts. Bugger!

And the envelope, please…


It’s a bit of a homage to, or somewhat inspired by, one of my favorites, Sara Midda. I love her work! Once I heard what this years theme was, Address The Environment, I instantly thought of this from back in January. And that’s how the concept began. The stone pathway with the quote didn’t exactly turn out like I imagined, but I hope it still looks like a stone pathway. Here is the back (nothing exciting, really).


Oh! And the term “Adult” means it’s being entered as the “Adult Group” instead of teens and children. (Get your mind out of the gutter!)

Tomorrow and Saturday I’ll be at Letters of Joy. I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve missed way too many years of this annual event and it’s such a blast! Nothing but art — all day. *sweet sigh* It really has the perfect name too, Letters of Joy. It’s nothing but joy all day.

This years guest speaker is someone I’ve mentioned before here, Lisa Engelbrecht. I’m excited to meet her. She’s very talented and I’m sure she’s full of a wealth of knowledge too. She not only works on paper, but fabric too. She also does custom lettering for tattoo work too! Which makes me think of a TV program I love to catch every now and then, Inked. I don’t even have a tattoo, but no matter how you feel about them, it would be an honor if someone out there wanted my work permanently on their skin.

Anyway, Saturday, at LOJ, I’m taking three classes and I’ll talk more about each class next week.


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  1. Mr. R

    Very, very cool envelope. I know just how intricate that work was since I saw you doing it and saw it actual size. I think it turned out so well and I’m excited to see if it makes it into print!

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