Letters Of Joy (Part I)

My weekend at Letters of Joy was so much fun! It was so nice to have so much time to study, learn and see so many friends of mine and meet new ones too. I also learned that my awesome and talented instructor will be teaching a sort of advanced copperplate calligraphy class starting Tuesday. I may have to adjust some things around in my schedule and one week I’ll miss due to an important trip I’m going on later on in the month, but other than that I’m so there! I’ll be sure to share about it here with you too.

Last Friday was the lecture given by the special guest of the conference, Lisa Englebrecht.

2420588{image from her web site}

I loved Lisa’s work before and I love it even more today. Not only that, but she is the most wonderful person. Later on in her lecture she spoke about her desire to find young artists and how she tries to bring them into the fold of the lettering arts community. She embraces certain graffiti art, not tagging but graffiti art.

img_0159-300{image from her web site}

She also embraces tattoo artistry. It’s a permanent art and while beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there’s still nothing worse than walking around with a very permanent, visible tattoo that looks like it was done by an amateur with horrible letter forms. It just makes you feel sorry for them. For so long I too have appreciated viewing such art and it felt good knowing I’m not the only one who does within the calligraphy community.

She was very inspiring. And when it comes to experiencing an artists block, she had some wonderful tips. One which was, do what speaks to you. If hearts seems to speak to you and comes back time and time again, like it’s been doing for a while for her, then use it. Go with it and make something out of it. For some other tips from various random artists click here.

2420591{image from her web site}

At lunch time, on Saturday, I had the opportunity to sit with her for a little while as she signed copies of her book for others while we ate. In my previous career I worked for an international wireless company and on a daily basis I would speak to various vice presidents, presidents, the CEO, COO, attorneys, leading council, etc. and never have I been tongue tied or nervous to do so. But Saturday sitting right next to Lisa felt like I was sitting right next to Oprah frickin’ Winfrey! I’ve felt that way once before when I took a class once from Jocelyn Curry and I’m sure I’ll feel that way if I ever meet Sheila Waters, her son Julian Waters, Denis Brown and perhaps a few others. I mean, imagine you’re a struggling director of short films and you have the chance to sit down next to Steven Speilberg. That’s how these people are viewed within the calligraphy community, or maybe it’s just me, but I doubt it.

56679{image found and for sale here}

Despite my initial nerves, my friends and I had a good conversation with Lisa as loads of people stopped by praising her, myself included. She definitely made me feel very comfortable talking with her because she’s so darn nice! At the end of the day she must be walking on cloud nine and a heart 6 feet wide knowing how much and how many people love and appreciate her work.

I’ll share more about my classes later on in the week.



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2 responses to “Letters Of Joy (Part I)

  1. Tiffany, your post is beautifully done, and your appreciation for your instructors shines forth luminously! Thank you for referring to me and including me in your praise. I’m sure Lisa will be very moved to read what you have written. You’ve honored her by creating a veritable gallery page for her as well.

    & I love your hummingbird!


  2. Tiffany,
    I’ve discovered your blog and share a common interest. I also had the pleasure of taking a class from Lisa at the 2005 International Calligraphy Conference in Dallas. She is a delight and a joy to be around. I will check in and enjoy your work.
    Donna Koepp

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