The Artist In The Family

Have I ever mentioned that I have a cousin who’s a fantastically talented artist? Well everyone, meet my cousin Chris Manwaring.

160{image from Mountain Trails Galleries}

Actually, this is Chris’s son, but this painting is a dead ringer for Chris when he was a little boy. I swear, all three of his boys look so much like him.


For a while Chris and the rest of the family lived in the Seattle area, but now he calls Utah home. This really isn’t the best photograph, but this is one of his paintings hanging in the living room of his mom & dad’s home, my aunt & uncle. It’s an area in Utah, perhaps around Vernal, which sadly doesn’t look like that anymore.

158{image from Mountain Trails Galleries}

This painting is of Lake Odessa. I think that’s in Michigan, which is where he served a mission for the LDS church.

manwaring{image from Cache Valley Artists}

I had the chance to visit Chris, his wife and kids while I was on my recent trip and he has the cutest family. As I walked into the living room of his home, off to my right was an empty wooden frame painted gold that stood almost from floor to ceiling! It was almost as wide as the wall it rested against too! A frame made for a museum piece I swear…and that’s where his work will one day be, I’m sure of it.

11si20051149l{image from IMCM}

I thought it had been about 15 years since I’d seen him last, but after thinking more about it, it’s actually been much longer! When Chris was little I remember he loved The Incredible Hulk. I wish I had pictures of the sketches he’d drawn of Hulk.

400px-Incredible-hulk-20060221015639117{image created by Bryan Hitch from here}

I can’t say for sure how old he was, but he was very young. He’d sketch Hulk over and over focusing detail on Hulk’s muscles and the contours of his body, shading all the right areas. It almost feels like that’s where it all began.

162{image from Mountain Trails Galleries}

The above painting is one of my favorites I’ve seen of his. Isn’t it gorgeous? Hey Chris! How much is this one? Probably way out of my budget. I just want to take a blanket, lay it out on the grass and lay down looking up into the trees for a while. It simply reminds me of the grove of aspen trees that were outside my bathroom window before they were chopped down, long story. But they seeded themselves and I planted a couple more and soon there will be no need to paint any color on the walls in my bathroom. When the aspens are tall and full of leaves it will fill the room in green just like before.

164{image from Mountain Trails Galleries}

No, that’s not my Kosmo! But it sure does look like him. His legs are more red coloring like the rest of his fur and his tail curls right up like a husky dog. Other than that, it looks like my Kosmo. He even likes to stand like that on our backyard deck surveying the neighborhood.

761{image from Mountain Trails Galleries}

I’m certainly no professional artist, but from our childhood years you could tell he loved to draw and he just kept developing his talent more and more.

2008-in_october{image from here}

Chris was lucky enough to study under Valoy Eaton. Here’s a painting of Mr. Eaton’s above.

157{image from Mountain Trails Galleries}

The above painting by Chris is of Jenny Lake in Wyoming. He mentioned he loves going to Wyoming to paint, but this totally looks like an area in Western Washington. So Chris, you need to come back home to paint some time with your wife and kids.

760{image from Mountain Trails Galleries}

To read more of Chris’ bio click here. To purchase artwork created by Chris visit the Mountain Trails Gallery in Park City, UT. To commission Chris for work feel free to contact me and I’ll put you in touch with him.


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