Envelopes of Blue & Green

I’m working on an envelope project and had to find the right shade of kelly green for the ink. I mixed some gouaches together, added distilled water and then added some gum arabic. I think it turned out really nice on the light blue paper. Actually, it’s the shade bluebell from Paper Source.


Above is the scanned image. It really looks nothing like the true colors! I think I need some serious color correction. So while I wait on my photographer for proper photographs, here are what the colors really look like.


Total difference! Right?! Then again, who knows what it looks like on your monitor because colors can vary from one monitor to the next. I really think I should invest in a color corrector thingymabob. Does anyone use one? Do you recommend any?

Anyway, this style of letterhand is still copperplate, but a more relaxed or less formal version. I’m not sure what to call it. “Relaxed Copperplate” sounds a bit dull. What do you think? Do you have any suggestions? Just send me a comment if you do.


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