Photog Session

Yesterday after I finished some work I asked my very cool guy to take some pictures of my envelopes.


I told him, “Have fun with it, Babe.” And I think they turned out great! He used my new chandelier (minus the crystals and candles) that I just painted to go above my bathroom tub. Do you see my gnome hanging in the greengage plum tree? I love my gnomes. (No, I’m not some odd gnome collector! I just have two. One for the back and one for the front yard.)


I love the texture on the paper that calligraphy sometimes gives. No matter if I use sumi ink or a gouache mix, they both leave a nice feel on all sorts of different kinds of paper once dry, of course.


I often see color combonations like this, purple, yellow, orange with some pink too. The colors look really great for wedding flowers.


Talk about air mail! This was a really cool shot taken in my backyard.


Here is that same envelope close up. Work done with pointed pen again in a red gouache on a white envelope. I’m not sure if this letterhand has a given name. It sort of reminds me of uncials with the roundness of the letters.


For now I’ll try and think of a fun name for it.


This is a nice photo in the greengage tree. But the next one, the next one I really love!


I love it not just because I love these colors of the envelope and ink together, but I love it because that’s my rhubarb! You should see it!! It’s going crazy this year!!! Maybe this weekend I’ll make something for us with the rhubarb. Mmmmm….

So if you need or would like someone to address envelopes for you for an important event, whether it be a wedding, new baby, a birthday party, moving announcements, holiday cards, just let me know. On top of designing invitations and announcements I offer that too. Soon you’ll see my Etsy shop open just for that.

Have a nice weekend everyone!



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2 responses to “Photog Session

  1. Nice work Tiffany! I love the ornamental hummingbird and flower you created for your blog header. The uncial style pointed pen is one of Mike Kecseg’s Pointed Pen Variations. I don’t think he has given it an official name, but I love it.

  2. tiffanyandink

    Thank you Jane! When all you have is an exemplar sheet, it’s tough to find out who came up with the letterhand variation when there’s no name to refer back to. Thanks for his name. Now I’m off to his site to learn more.

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