Graduation Gift In An Envelope

Mom’s had a daycare in our home since forever. She’s retired now and focuses on her grandkids, but there are two boys, brothers, that in some ways she’s still tending to or maybe they’re tending to her now. The oldest, Dan, just graduated from high school. The same high school I went to. I can’t believe it! He was the very first baby that fell asleep in my arms. He was such a happy baby too. The perfect first baby for any first time parent to have, if only I can be that lucky some day!


Anyway, his graduation gift is inside this envelope, addressed in Gothic Italic letterhand, with a card I made. It’s not an original design of mine. I know – shock!


But it’s still handmade. All cut and put together by yours truly. I chose an eagle because he also just received his eagle scout honors. I love pop up cards, don’t you? It’s from a local Seattle artist, easycutpopup. I purchased mine on their etsy store. You purchase the card you want and they send you a pdf file for you to open, print, cut and put together. Yes, it’s just that easy.

Congratulations, Dan!



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2 responses to “Graduation Gift In An Envelope

  1. Shelly


  2. Mango

    Great eagle pop-up card!

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