A Colorful Tip

One more picture to share with you from the Spencerian workshop mentioned here.


Sorry for the poor picture quality. My battery on my camera died at the end of the workshop and so this was taken using my cell phone camera. I wanted to show the color Michael Sull used on this particular one. Click on the image and it will get bigger for a better view.

9149x300{image from here}

Sull used the colorful FW Acrylic Inks. I’m not positive if it was the “pearlescent” ones he used, but I’m pretty sure they were. Using the dark gray paper, the colors really popped off the page and they had a nice brilliant shimmer and looked nice along with the white ink. I definitely will be trying this.

One good tip, keep your old used nibs around for applying acrylic inks like this. Acrylic isn’t very kind on calligraphy nibs, so don’t use your good, new nibs if you don’t have to.

Tell me, have you ever used these inks before?


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One response to “A Colorful Tip

  1. Just wanted to stop in and thank you for the very kind comment you left for me today. That was so sweet of you.

    Much as Ive tried, calligraphy skills are way beyond my ability so I dont have anything to say about the inks 🙂

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