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I haven’t been around on this blog much, that might be the case for the next couple of months for various reasons. Before the holiday and close of 2009, I found an inspiring story I’d like to share with you. Perhaps it can help you focus on 2010 and the whole meaning of new beginnings.

{image from here}

Many of you may already be familiar with the story of Christian & Stephanie Nielson. Them and their family have been sharing their story on Oprah, the Today Show, Stephanie’s blog and various other places. I have heard their story many times, but this article written by Jaimee Rose, for the Arizona Central, goes into more detail of Stephanie’s experience than I’ve ever heard her share before. I have been moved and inspired even more after reading the article and I think you will be too.

{image from here}

Before their plane crash she was an inspiration to me of motherhood, even though I’m not one yet, and what that really means and the commitment it takes. After the crash she is an inspiration not only of motherhood, but of life, love and choosing to live life to the fullest every day. I’m very thankful to her for having such courage, for sharing her story and for her beauty both inside and out.

So grab a box of tissues and sit down for a while to read a very beautiful and inspiring story here. Enjoy!


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