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Moving Earth & Black Wave

This morning around 5:30am I was partially awake, trying to get back to sleep when I felt the earth move. A 3.4 earthquake, folks, centered a few miles south of where I live here in Duvall, Washington. It shook the bed a little and didn’t last long. If I had been asleep I doubt I would have woken up at all.

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Even Kosmo, my dog, stayed fast asleep, which is unusual. Trust me, if he had felt it he would have been, “Oh! What’s that?!I must go outside to inspect and protect my master!” He’s a funny dog, even when we have heavy windstorms and thunder he’s not afraid, he’s gotta go out, run around and inspect things.

A few days ago, early in the morning, I watched a documentary on CBC, the Canadian Network, called Black Wave, which is about the Exxon Valdez tragedy.

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It’s eye opening. The entire time I could not get my mind off what’s happening in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill right now with BP. It really does worry me, especially when you hear news reports that this looks worse than the Exxon Valdez, which is considered the worst environmental catastrophe in North America.

I worry for the wildlife, the ecosystem, but I really worry for the wonderful people of the area affected, especially after watching Black Wave. Originally Exxon was ordered to pay $5 billion dollars in punitive damages to those effected by the 1989 spill. For 14 years Exxon appealed and appealed and appealed finally reaching the U.S. Supreme Court. In my opinion, their decision was a disservice to the people of Alaska, to fishermen, to wildlife, to Mother Earth. In June 2008, the U.S. Supreme Court set punitive damages at $507.5 million! Yes, that’s million with an “M”.

In 2007, one year before the U.S. Supreme Court decision, Exxon Mobil made $40.6 billion. In 1988, one year before the spill, Exxon was the second top profiting U.S. company. Exxon studies claim the area is healthy and thriving. Numerous independent studies show environmental damage proving the region has not fully recovered.

Riki Ott, marine biologist, digging a beach on Knight Island. ‘Exxon Valdez oil, 18 years later.’{image from here}

As you can see, you don’t have to be a scientist conducting an official study to see oil all over your hand when you stick it in the waters along the shore of Prince William Sound.

And this is why I worry so much about the current mess we’re in in the Gulf of Mexico in addition to regulations set on off shore drilling. Today it was reported the oil is getting darker, which probably means there’s more oil gushing out into the ocean and less gas. Sometimes it feels like oil is just more trouble than it’s worth. Louisiana and the region have been through so much already.

{image from here}

I highly encourage you to watch Black Wave, which is out on DVD, and do all you can so history won’t repeat itself. To check out the official website for the documentary click here.

I wonder if this morning’s quake was the earths way of saying she’s just a little pissed off right now.


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Music Monday: That Rascal’s Dunn

I TiVo‘d ACM Presents Brooks & Dunn The Last Rodeo last night on CBS and today I got to enjoy some really awesome and well done Brooks & Dunn tribute songs performed by other artists. So many of the songs were so great, but this song was beautifully & brilliantly done and a song I don’t know so well. With Rascal Flatts singing this song, It’s Getting Better All The Time, it was perfection. I know it’s not a happy, mushy, warm fuzzy song…you know, like a wedding type of song…but it’s still so beautiful and moving. What do you think?

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On a little side note, did you watch Lost last night? How do you feel this morning? Clear as mud, right? Feeling a bit more lost? A little confused is the least that I can say. But I won’t go on about that because that discussion is going on everywhere and will for about a week or so as the rest of the world gets to view the finale.

Anyway, enjoy the music everyone!

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A Gift Of Spring

I’ve been workin’ on a little somethin’ for my friends and family and it’s almost done. Would you like one too? Just let me know and e-mail me your address before May 31st and I’ll send one to ya…it’ll just take a little while.

Here’s just a little sneak peek.

I’m an admitted Oprah Show addict. Yep, and I’m not sure what I’m going to do from 4:00pm – 5:00pm when she retires the show. I just hope I get the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) when that begins because I’m sure it’s going to be good.

Anyway, this afternoon I was able to take some time to watch the show and it brought back lots of memories. Kind of fitting memories considering summer is nearing closer. Two of her guests today were Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers. Thanks to Dad, I don’t think we ever went on a family vacation without the two of them, among others like Alabama, Eddie Rabbit, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, but especially Kenny. Camping with the family with some country cassette tapes of Dad’s along with some of his beef jerky we stopped to get on the road. We were always listening to music and despite my brother & sister’s disdain for country music, we all loved Kenny Rogers. Let’s just say, if you don’t like Kenny Rogers you suck. Jus’ kiddin’!

As the weekend nears, I leave you with a little music (from an older Oprah show) to enjoy and maybe even reminisce, like myself. (Hmmmm…what’s the correct way to say that?…like myself?…or like me?) The first song is a classic, both are really, but the last song…that one’s a special one.

That one goes out to Mom & Dad, it’s their song (I love you Mom!). Enjoy and have a great weekend everyone!

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A Better Place

1) No, I’m not dead!
2) Yes, I’ve super-duper busy.
3) Wow, it’s finally getting warm here in Seattle.
4) Indeed, I will be back soon.

I just returned home from a much better place taking some very much needed time away to do absolutely…well…nothing.

Not that I don’t love the Pacific Northwest, because I do, but this place…this place was incredible.

They say your last stop before heaven is here and that’s where I went.

I couldn’t ask for anything better than this secluded & secret hideaway. Okay, maybe a nice serenade too.

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