Music Monday: That Rascal’s Dunn

I TiVo‘d ACM Presents Brooks & Dunn The Last Rodeo last night on CBS and today I got to enjoy some really awesome and well done Brooks & Dunn tribute songs performed by other artists. So many of the songs were so great, but this song was beautifully & brilliantly done and a song I don’t know so well. With Rascal Flatts singing this song, It’s Getting Better All The Time, it was perfection. I know it’s not a happy, mushy, warm fuzzy song…you know, like a wedding type of song…but it’s still so beautiful and moving. What do you think?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

On a little side note, did you watch Lost last night? How do you feel this morning? Clear as mud, right? Feeling a bit more lost? A little confused is the least that I can say. But I won’t go on about that because that discussion is going on everywhere and will for about a week or so as the rest of the world gets to view the finale.

Anyway, enjoy the music everyone!


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