La Experiencia del Urban Craft Uprising

Last weekend I went to the Urban Craft Uprising on Saturday. It was beneficial to go on Saturday because the Mobile Chowdown was that day and then I could watch the World Cup on Sunday.

By the way, this was one of the worst Wold Cup matches I’ve ever watched. It’s supposed to be called The Beautiful Game, but it was anything but beautiful. I am glad the better team won. Spain really did play much better than The Netherlands in my opinion. Nine yellow cards and one red awarded just to the Dutch in one match?! If you hadn’t watched any of their matches before then you’d wonder how they got to the finals.

Anyway, back to the Urban Craft Uprising. I stopped at many booths. Some I’d seen before and some were new to me. Here are some that stood out.

Monkey Sock Monkey is absolutely adorable. They even have a book! Shhh! I got a sock to make a monkey for one of my nieces.

Keeping with the monkey theme, my new nephew will be getting a little monkey t-shirt from Matthew Porter Art.

I love letterpress and there were plenty of letterpress artists to see at the UCU. I purchased this card above to frame for someone special.

I’m going to have to remember this for next time because I think this above would look lovely in my great room area.

I stopped by Sycamore Street Press and enjoyed looking through their various prints.

I asked about their letterpress frames that I’ve been coveting for a while now, which they didn’t have there, and they informed me they’re in limited quantity and are no longer going to be printing them. So I immediately went home and bought a few online here before they were all gone.

One of the edibles there were This Charming Candy. Yummy suckers! Reej had his Maple Sugar sucker and enjoyed it. I’m still holding on to my Sweetened Grapefruit sucker for just the right moment. They have a blog too. Click here if you’re interested.

I bought a necklace for myself from Annie Huntley of Dotted Line Jewels. It was 50% off, very well worth it! Annie is so friendly and so nice and extremely talented and creative. She’s the one vendor I seem to chat with the most when I go.

If you are Jewish, Catholic or love jewelry with that sort of theme, Annie also makes really nice pieces that are subtle, sophisticated, classic and not too in your face, so to speak. Does that make sense? I really enjoy all her work.

Here were some other very interesting vendors:

I swear I missed a couple booths or overlooked them or something, so I’m looking forward to going to the winter 2010 show. Maybe you’ll go too?


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  1. Hey, we’re glad you attended UCU and loved Zomsters and mentioned us in your blog!
    -the Zomsters Crew!

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