Women of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Did you catch this episode tonight? If not, I will have a direct link up on my next post to the story once it’s available online.

A woman from Portland, Oregon bringing awareness to an important cause in the Congo. The war is still very much happening in the DRC. More than ever, women are suffering with rape, torture, murder, unspeakable acts and threats that happen every single day. Men, the good men there, face very similar acts if they don’t join one of the various militias and allow their sons to be ripped from the hands of their mother’s, never to know what will become of them. Yet I know, without a doubt, women will be the ones to change things there. They are the most incredible women.

Salome, who I consider a friend (I’ll keep her last name and details private for her protection), is one of the most incredible women I know. Salome lives in the Congo. It’s difficult for me to put into words her day to day life. I think it’s difficult for any of us to imagine it unless we’ve lived it before. When I get her letters I am constantly humbled and reminded not to take anything in this modern world that I live in for granted. My friendship with Salome is very important to me and I wish I could do so much more for her, her children and her husband.

There are many ways and organizations you can get involved in to help. I’ll leave that up to you to decide which is right for you should you choose to help in such ways. Hopefully Lisa Shannon’s story and her actions will educate and inspire others to get involved with the women of the DRC and hope for change.


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