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Protect The Skin You’re In : Tanning Is Out

I’ve been thinking a lot about Dad lately, so in his memory I play a couple videos for you today. I found the below clip on this blog.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

A while ago, on a weekend morning, I sat down with breakfast on my couch, turned on the telly and saw this:

Tanning is out. In fact, when you are tan or have a sun burn, that’s your body reacting to the sun rays developing melanin in order to protect the skin and tissue deep underneath from getting damaged. But sometimes it does, sometimes that melanin turns to melanoma. Let’s face it, a sun tan, freckles, sun spots, a.k.a. age spots, sun burns…they’re all signs of damaged skin.


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Gone Too Soon

I’m sure you’ve already heard the news about the sad passing of Farrah Fawcett. You most likely also know she died from anal cancer. Did you have the opportunity to watch her special, Farrah’s Story? If not, Tivo it so you can watch it again the next time it’s on.


M1, does this photo look familiar?

The special is like a documentary. Farrah wanted her fight to be filmed and seen by others. It’s very important for everyone to see. In some ways I wish I had done the same with my father when he battled melanoma cancer and lost his fight a little over a year ago. I kept wanting the world to see what it’s like. Sometimes I feel like cancer, especially certain types of cancer, doesn’t feel real to others unless you are going through it or watching a loved one fight the battle right there in front of you. When you do, you definitely see how precious life can be and how cancer can totally turn your world upside down. After my father passed, can you believe I had a friend who had the audacity to tell me they were going tanning in a tanning bed because they were feeling a little depressed?!!!! What the h-e-double hockey sticks?!!!! Without stating the obvious cancer risk, you can NOT get vitamin D or serotonin from a tanning bed, despite what some tanning salons advertise. Needless to say, she got an earful from me.


Anyway, my point is, when you see Farrah’s special, which she and her close friends filmed, you’ll see a lot of what it’s like. Even times when she was sick and vomiting, Alana Stewart, her friend, felt she should stop recording out of repect, but Farrah insisted she continue to record because that’s a part of cancer and the side effects.

I sit here and wonder what her last couple days were like. Were they like Dad’s? Was she awake? Was she able to speak? Eat or drink even a tiny bit? Was she with the people she loved when she passed? I hope so.

I remember playing “Charlie’s Angels” with my cousin, T, when I was little. I only wanted to play it if I could be Jill Munroe, Farrah’s character. As much as I loved watching that show when I was little, her special about her cancer will be something I’ll never forget. I’m so, so, so glad she made “Farrah’s Story” and was comfortable enough to put it out there for everyone to see to give anal cancer, various other types of cancer and cancer research the attention it truly needs.

In other sad news,


the King of Pop passed away today too. No matter how you feel about him regarding his personal life, he was and will always be a musical great.


Back when I was in high school, during his “Thriller” tour, I was supposed to go see him in concert with my friend, AF. It would have been my very first concert, but he got sick with the flu and never rescheduled. I’m sure it would have been unforgettable.

Two stars “Gone Too Soon“. In the words of Shakespeare, “May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.”

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I have been so busy with two separate projects lately. It’s sort of consumed my time. As soon as I have photos ready to share with you I will.


However, today I received an e-mail that supports a cause that means so much to me and I just had to share it with you.


Glassybaby is going to have a temporary location at Bellevue Square! For those of us Eastside of Seattle folks, that’s wonderful! That is, if you’re a Glassybaby fan like I am. (hint, hint, nudge, nudge, wink, wink) And how can you not be?


I have this Glassybaby on my mantle right now. During the months of November & December Glassybaby will be located at the old Sway and Cake, on the second level outside of Nordstrom.


Here is the great part! Glassybaby will donate 10% of the sale of each glassybaby sold at Bellevue Square to The Cancer Center at Overlake Hospital!!!!


For those of you that know me well already know that my father passed away in March. Dad died from melanoma cancer and he was treated and admitted often to Overlake Hospital. Those who work at the cancer center are very special and unique individuals. The doctors, the nurses and other specialists are wonderfully compassionate there not only with patients, but also with their families. I know one day when she’s ready Mom would like to return to thank them all.


Glassybaby already has 10% of their sales of particular glassybabies being donated to many worthy causes. They’re a great local company and they’re rental program is awesome for weddings & special events! They also make awesome gifts! (hint, hint, nudge, nudge, wink, wink) Take some time to get to know them through their blog too.


Isn’t this such a pretty color combination for a spring event?


Or how about a fall event?




Or a summer al fresca event. No matter what, they’ve got it all.


They even have the perfect combo for a July 4th wedding or event. Or how about an event like last Tuesday’s historical event.


(image source click here)

They say never to mix politics & business together, but I just have to say that Tuesday night was awesome! It gave me chill bumps, warm fuzzies and made me even cry. What a night!! You know, either way, one thing I new for sure, both candidate would focus on cancer research and the lack of funding they receive. McCain has had melanoma cancer scares himself and Obama knows what it’s like to loose a parent to cancer, watch them suffer in pain and leave this world all too soon. However, the bottom line is that I’m very, very happy and pleased with the results. It was definitely one of those times when you’re really proud to be from America.


Have a good weekend everyone! I promise next week I’ll have photos of my work to share. But for now enjoy this beautiful eye candy. Oh! Aren’t these just a beauty for a Valentine’s Day event?

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